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Double fun, double the pleasure. What more could I ask for?

z-ahra asked:
your pictures, DAMN

You like…? :-)

justdandyandy asked:
My day is going well. How about yours?

Pretty doggone good :)What’s crackin”?

theres-dna-on-your-cheek asked:
Found you because you liked one of my pics... Works can't describe how attractive I find you.

Thank you. Kool page u got there btw…

A church I used to go to when I was a kid.  (St. John’s)

A church I used to go to when I was a kid.  (St. John’s)

error404personnotfound asked:
Hi there guy I see you do a lot of HDR photography and you're really good at it. I'm planning on doing HDR for my art project this year and was wondering if you could give some advice?

Sure, ask away…

rurounin asked:
How did you make the colors of your photos so beautiful?

I use lightroom and photomatik

caseythaddieus asked:
You are so talented! Keep it up! :-)

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

crystalkinks asked:
Hi, may i just say you are one damn handsome man.

Thank you, Crystal! Nice page there btw.

ordinary-extrordinary asked:
I noticed you started following me recently and I came and discovered your awesome photos, just wanted to say you have some crazy good pictures. Really interests me because I want to be a photographer ;)

That’s very Kool.  Good luck with that!